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Function, ergonomics, and design

We design the space, lighting, and function—as if on a theater stage. We give directions to the characters and develop a setting.

Thinking design

We analyze the work processes and activities performed in the space, in order to have the best functioning furniture and spatial design.

 Furniture and spatial design

First, we analyze and design, then we find the best technology and manufacture. When it comes to furniture, we think and develop systems. We deliver well-functioning solutions applied to the space, and we grab and (re-)define the essence of the place.

Operational comfort

Interior design—strategic analysis and design. Why? How? What?

Humane mindset

We design spaces to inspire and benefit the users.

System-based solutions

Inside-out system analysis for function, standards, and ergonomics.


We analyze the users’ activities and agree with the clients on the functional expectations. We summarize “the story” and the brand message.


BRED® is not only a trademark; BRED® is a team, as well. What brought us together is our love for design: our mutual belief that design is not vain formalism, but a practice that serves function and humans.


Health care

Design development and furnishing for medical centers (including waiting-rooms, ORs, examination rooms. . .). Focus on hygiene, function, and comfort.

Hotels & inns

Design solutions for hotel and inn spaces (reception, lobby, rooms. . .) including planning, production, and execution

Offices & education

Preparing, executing, and assembling design plans for the equipment and furniture of training and class rooms, as well as of offices and rooms in public institutions. Cost-effective and design-conscious solutions to meet the needs of the youngest generations.


János Nagy

Head of Design ︱link between interior and product design

Tamás Bendzsel

Product Designer︱Design Engineer

János Kerese

Medical Technology Expert︱Experience in architectural design of hospitals

Ferenc Radnóczi

Lighting Design Specialist

Mátyás Pesti

Mechanical & Technical Designer

Lilla Körőssy

Interior Designer

Zoltán Nyakócza

Manufacturing Expert

Győző Nagy

Manufacturing Expert

BRED®-solution step by step

Client needs

Missing a solution? Need to find the right place for an equipment in your space? We deliver a creative and ergonomic solution.

Design draft

Drawings come to life—based on the client’s needs.

Spatial and functional analysis

Defining the space’s features, possibilities, and current status.

Design concept

Drawings come to life—based on the client’s needs.


Finding patterns in the work processes, spatial functions, and the users’ needs.

Plan and execution

Functional and humane spatial and furniture design content for inspiration and well-being.

Having spent two decades in the interior design industry, I felt it necessary to understand why some clients were not 100% satisfied with the delivery despite the fact that they accepted and complimented design plans beforehand. I also came across other scenarios, when clients and users have entirely re-arranged the freshly designed space, in order to have it fit to their very personal needs. In our model, the core element is to get to know the users and their expectations from the space they would use, so that we could optimize the interaction between user and space. Function, ergonomics, and design are the 3 pillars of our method which we examine in our “inside-out” design model.

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